project NERVES is bringing back some older projects in a different format. The following books are now available on DriveThruRPG as print-on-demand books. They are all hardcover, some might have alternate covers, and some might have slight fixes to text/layout. Prices are being kept as low as possible for these with the hope of reaching a wider audience with projects that initially had short print runs.

Blackstone Highway

A 110 page adventure through a weird-midwestern setting full of melancholy and world-ending, corporate schemes to stop.


A 200 page setting guide to the dreamscape. Filled with maps, dungeons, and first hand experience with the dreaming city itself.

My Body is a Cage

A 60 page game system inspired by Persona, where you dungeon delve at night to pay for the things your crappy job can't cover.

The Sun King's Palace

A 192 page dungeon crawl through the mythic past. Filled with original monsters, a pantheon of giants, and 90+ rooms of encounters.