June & July will be a busy, busy month for NERVES but gosh dang I'm ready.


Sun King's Palace: The Sun King's Palace has arrived. It's here, in my apartment. I'm just waiting on the poster-maps now so I can ship them. So you'll get those this month for sure. 

The Wizards & the Wastes: I made the final payment on The Wizards & the Wastes and the printing should have wrapped up on the 3rd. I'm waiting for the next steps, which will be to set up shipping. I'm so nervous about this, not gonna lie. I really want to see the book in person and hold it in my hands. I have dreams about it. Sometimes, when I'm laying down to sleep, I'll think about it and my heart starts racing and I have to stay up for the next two hours calming down. My. Body. Is. Ready.

Nerves.games: There's been a slight update to the website. Under the Blog header, you'll find a new link taking you to Nerves.games. This is a new site I'm starting that's solely dedicated to ttrpg journalism. Reviews, previews, critiques, and essays. Not burdened or beholden to advertisers. Completely reader supported (or ignored). 

There are a lot of good articles up there already and even more coming. So go check it out and let's start treating this scene we find ourselves in with some seriousness.

DriveThru: You'll also notice a new DriveThru page. This is going to be the home of older projects that I'm moving to print-on-demand services through DriveThruRPG. This is my way of continuing after these short-run games, or just games that are older and I maybe didn't give the proper attention to. Each book that goes up there will be hardcover and kept to the lower price possible.

That's all I got for you right now.

Enjoy y'all's weekend,


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